Sunday, February 13, 2011

Son of The Ghoul Goes West.

Well, preliminary round, perhaps.

Very soon, I will be boring you with my preparations for this year's Monsterpalooza.

I know I do not need to explain what Monsterpalooza is, right?

Click the little poster on the left if you don't know already.

But before I get into what I will be putting together to take along to the Museum, I wanted to at least show you one prop I've just made that will be a neat little part of the display.

Yes, his electronic/PVC/hot glue/red paint candle actually flickers beautifully (though you cannot quite tell in these images; video will come along next month).

He works very nicely, weighs next to nothing (the 9V battery is the heaviest element), and I think he'll make a fabulous addition to the display I'm taking to the Museum.

For me, though, the most prideful part of making this little fella is that right at this very moment, I kid you not, he is serving as a nightlight for my granddaughter Kiara She "just loves this" and thinks it's "just so cute" and is deciding on a name for him when she wakes; her initial 'One Eye Candle Skull', while perfectly descriptive, didn't really make anyone call the ad execs.

I mean, seriously, S&Pers -- as I type, she's blissfully asleep while this little guy glows and flickers a foot away from her. This after she fell asleep reading a pop up book about Dracula visiting the dentist.

SUCH a proud Pa!


1 comment:

  1. This is probably my favorite skull/candle I've yet seen. The wax drips are perfect, and I love the eye. Great paint job on the skull, too.

    Sounds like the granddaughter is a keeper! ;)