Sunday, February 13, 2011

Somebody to love.

Welcome, welcome.

So glad to see you all decided to head here after your various romantical meals for a drop of warmth and mid-February lovelight by the fire.

We certainly have your favorite libation. This time around, I'm going to say Dragonmamma's buying the first round for everyone, then you're all on your own.

While you're relaxing, I thought you'd like to see something perfectly monstery, Hallowe'eny and romantic all at once.

Way back in 1997, your humble pubkeep and his truly remarkable love Vonnetta created this video as a bit of a Valentine's Day joke to show at a friend's Anti-Valentine's Day party.

EDIT: There is one very brief but nevertheless very bloody clip at 3:58 herein; little kids and sensitive adults view at their risk. Ain't Horror Love the best?

Long before affordable PCs could do it more easily (we didn't own one yet anyway), and using our modest home video editing bay, we created this ode to ghoulish desire, this prayer for companionship in a world so cruelly dismissive of monster love.

From over 65 different films (mostly horror... mostly) and the fantastic music of Freddie Mercury and Queen, the Skull & Pumpkin is delighted to present 



It's even more fun when you know the full lyrics!

Troublingly, it got quite a bit dimmer and a lot fuzzier in transferring it to DVD then my computer then to the 'blog. It kinda makes me sad.

But I guarantee you'll only see it here at the Skull & Pumpkin.

Once again -- excellent work, V.

A toast to Valentine's Eve, Day and Night, and to letting your beloved know you love them every day.



  1. I'd forgotten how great this is. So glad you posted it!

  2. Awesome. Thank you. Couple of images in there I'm pretty sure I never needed to see, but none as bad as Zeiram... except maybe Henner. *shudder*