Friday, February 25, 2011

Son of The Ghoul Goes West, part v4.10.

Don't get up, folks, this will be brief.

Please stay in your comfy chairs and couches and barstools.

It's just your humble pubkeep making more noise about that silly Raven...

Now if you recall the Raven's voice in the videos from Hallowe'en 2011, you'll note that I gave him a bit of an Orson Welles flair.

I think he will have that voice every Hallowe'en.

But for Monsterpalooza, I am bowing to the request of Eliot Brodsky (the guy who owns and runs the whole shebang) and letting Nevermore ape (parrot? RAVEN!) the words and dripping tones of one of horror's finest thespians...

Yes, folks, Nevermore the Raven will be channeling Vincent Price at this year's convention, spouting some works of Edgar Allan Poe and famous dialogue from Price's films and stage work. 

You see, May 27th of this year marks the ONE HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY of the late Mr. Price, and I felt only too happy to oblige Eliot's request -- it means I'll be able to display something in 2011's roster of monster conventions to tribute the great actor during his centennial year.

Now, if I could do a really good Price impression (and don't think I haven't tried!) I'd do it all myself, but until that fine day comes, I'll be sticking with whatever I can find in my audio library and of course online. I am compiling audio and editing it into usable tracks, and then will begin the arduous process of programming Nevermore to come to life via Price's remarkable, recognizably resonant voice.

I'm looking forward to it immensely.



  1. Yiu and Eliot have hit upon a great idea.

    Please post lotsa video of your raven, (and also your ravin') so those of us not at Monsterpalooza can enjoy your hard work too!

  2. Who's Yiu? (Isn't there some bad joke about "Hey Yiu!" "Hu Mi?" in there somewhere?)

    I promise you pics and video, as much as I can get.

    Too fun!