Sunday, May 23, 2010

Winter(s) in May?

Boy, the work load really gained some weight this past week!

I am very glad to be relaxing here a the ol' place on a late Saturday night... relaxing for what feels like the first time in a month.

Oh, a quick little picture, something I find amusing.

There's something about this ZOM-beeee! head (previously seen here and here) in the MP ballcap that reminds me of Shelley Winters as the Harris girls' grandmother on Roseanne. I've been seeing this every day since I last rearranged my room, and every time I do, I think of this:
Sorry, it was the only image I could find. But isn't there a resemblance?

Yes, folks, that's how busy I've been. I am reduced to referencing Roseanne.

Actually, Roseanne was one of the very few sitcoms that not only decorated for Hallowe'en but wallowed in it, going so far as to make one Hallowe'en episode a re-telling of A Christmas Carol -- Roseanne's atypical lack of enthusiasm for The Holiday results in her being visited by the Ghosts of Hallowe'en -- so I shouldn't really be insulting Roseanne.

Speaking of witches, the next entry will be lousy with them.

'Til then, thanks for hanging out and keeping the S&P warm and welcoming, even when I'm not around to make sure Max doesn't drink from the tap and Fester stays out of the private stock.



  1. Haven't thought about Roseanne in a very long time. Her Halloween episodes were a lot of fun.

    Nice hat :)

  2. Yes, if Nana Mary and Herman Munster (or Jason Robards?) had a brother, the Zombie in the Hat would be him.

  3. Didn't Dr. Seuss write The Zombie in the Monsterpalooza Hat?