Monday, May 3, 2010

Some of your images.

Love these.

First, a couple of generous gifts from Fester.

A sign for the bar...

... and a company car! 
(If you haven't seen this film, you lose.)

Then, Gloria sent in a few beautiful images to hang in the hall.

A tree and a tomb on a spooky old hill...

... and a spooky tree covering a haunted old mill.

A loyal S&P'er who wishes to be known only as 'Professor Pumpkin' thought this poem would be a nice addition to the library:

The old, dark places where walk the old ghosts;
The rooms of old trunks and be-spidered bedposts;
Where torn curtains wilt with the dust of long years
And hallways reverb with the screams of old fears;

The grave orchard, overgrown, lit by blue moon
And gnarling, curling stretches tree to cold tomb;
Where gourds of red orange smile lit with Hell fire
And cats of black leer with disdainful green ire;

The old witching woman, her sweeper and hat;
The clang from the belfry, the flight of the bat;
The groan of the ghoul, the cackle of the creep;
All that disturbs and delivers you from sleep...

There my spirit dwells, 
And will always be seen
When Autumn brings to us 
Each bless't Hallowe'en.

I agree, Professor, it will fit right in. I'll frame it and hang it between the bookcases. If this is your own work, by the way, you need to © it and submit it somewhere... it's very lovely, and we're honored to have it hanging here.

Besides, it contains the phrase 'be-spidered'. Anything that contains be-spidered is alright by me.

I will have more of your excellent spooky show-n-tell Hallowe'en things soon. I love everything you've all been bringing to the Skull & Pumpkin... so much to discuss, so much over which we can all ooh-and-aah!




  1. Hey, a cool place needs a cool ride. What can I say? That kid does great custom work.

    Love that tree and tombstone shot.

    And if that professor's piece is original, he really needs to get it published. It is great, in a sort of Rogers and Hart way.

    Now. I've done it! I have that song running through my head!

    I'm wild again
    Beguiled again
    A simpering, whimpering child again
    Bewitched, bothered and bespidered am I!!!

  2. I agree with you on everything but the spiders.... :D