Sunday, May 2, 2010

Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry...

... but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

Why won't my hands stop shaking
When all the earth is still
When ancient ghosts are waking
So many steps need taking
So many plans need making
I think I will
I think I will

Morning glow, morning glow
Starts to glimmer when you know
Winds of change are set to blow
And sweep this whole land through
Morning glow is long past due

Morning glow fill the earth
Come and shine for all you're worth
We'll be present at the birth
Of old faith looking new
Morning glow is long past due

Oh, morning glow, I'd like to help you grow
We should have started long ago

So, morning glow all day long
While we sing tomorrow's song
Never knew we could be so strong
But now it's very clear
Morning glow is almost here

Morning glow by your light
We can make the new day bright
And the phantoms of the night
Will fade into the past
Morning glow is here

At last!

Happy Wizarding Independence Day.


  1. You know, he had to find his corner of the sky...
    Excellent post, as usual. Mand gets the courage!

  2. Absolutely, Mand gets ALL the courage. Happy WID!

  3. I've had some people asking if I wrote this poem. Thought I ought to clarify and say NO, these are the lyrics to the song 'Morning Glow' from the Broadway musical Pippin, created in 1972 by Stephen Schwartz, Roger O. Hirson and Bob Fosse.

    Some time ago loyal S&P visitor Miranda pointed out this song as being particularly fitting for a particular moment in the remarkable Harry Potter books, and as today is May 2nd, well... if you know the song and have read the scene to which I refer, you'll get it.

    If not, I urge you to seek out Pippin and the Harry Potter BOOKS (the movies are wonderful -- the books are life-affirming).

  4. Great post! It is just a bit spooky that I watched that movie again last spying on me again? :D

    Anyway, do love Pippin so very much, I usually don't admit that out loud, but I figure if you like it must be safe to say that here. I knew there was a reason I liked this place.

    Thank you so much for making my day!!!


  5. All lovers of theatre are welcome here. What is theatre but Hallowe'en every day and night?

  6. You do make a good point! :)

    Very wise you are :)