Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gifts and more gifts.

Well now, come in, come in...

Things seem to be getting back to normal here at the S&P. Yes, I wrote normal.

Normal for us. But I'm excited tonight...

I see you've been admiring our newest acquisition -- it's so cool I thought I'd keep it right here on the bar until the new wears off.

From loyal Skull & Pumpkin patron Shaun, via our mutual friend Darin comes this incredible gift:

This little guy right here is a loose reproduction in miniature of the weathervane high atop the cupola of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland!
No, they don't match exactly, but seriously -- free, surprise gift, and Haunted Mansion are words that dance so beautifully on the ghostly ballroom floor...

As for the story behind (and the rareness of) this piece, remember way back when I wrote of the 40th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion?

The folks who wished (and could afford) to attend the big 40th celebration at the Park received various benefits from their ticket purchase -- the first shot at limited edition merchandise, a dinner, cake, a ride through the Mansion, and various souvenirs.

Thing is, this item was an extremely limited 'Event Exclusive', a gift to the paying attendees... and there was no other way to attain one.

Shaun, if you're reading this, I can't tell you how absolutely cool this is, and how kind of you. Your generous spirit and supremely Haunted Mansion-and-Hallowe'en-lovin' nature are responsible for a terrific addition to the spooky decor here at the ol' S&P.

From here on, Shaun's libation is always on the house.

Everyone, raise your glasses, and give a hearty cheer for Shaun!


And seriously, if you're ever headed out my way, you know the libation's on me.

Speaking of libations and celebrations, I don't want to let today go by without having us all wish a happy Birthday to my nephew Jack... a fellow Hallowe'en and Monster Lovin' Kid, an incredible singer, and an all-around terrific kid.
Here's a little gift from the S&P, Jack:



  1. That is super cool. What a great gift.

    Oh, and happy birthday Jack!!! :)


  2. Great weathervane! Close enough to the original to be recognizable. And it is officially connected to the Haunted Mansion.

    Is Jack the nephiew involved im making those great ornaments last December?


    Happy Birthday Jack!


  3. AH no, those were from my CA nephew and nieces. Jack lives here in the Ozarks... though he is a Monster Grand Kid for sure! He's the one who helped me with Kong's teeth and lip when I was restoring/redesigning him for our deck.

  4. Oh yeah, the Rustoleum Eyeball incident!