Monday, April 5, 2010

The ghoul goes west, part three.

It won't be long now.

There is a bit of nervousness, a lot of anticipation, and some literal tummy-butterfly-ed-ness, and it's not from the coma-inducing amount of chocolate eggs and jelly beans over the weekend.

Well, mostly not from those things.

No, this week I finish preparations for traveling to southern California and MONSTERPALOOZA 2010!

I'm trying to compile last-minute lists of  'do I have it, do I need it, did I already ship it, is there one waiting there, can it be replaced,' and so on.

When you do something like I'm going to do this weekend, you have to pack as if you're going camping... or maybe into outer space.

And anyway, 'luggage'? What's that? I have skulls to animate! 
-Hhmm, maybe I should take that extra pair of shoes in case there's an event requiring more than sneakers... NO! More room is needed for electrical tape and a soldering iron.
-Come on, some slacks instead of jeans, for the same rea-- NO! MUST leave room for monster goodies!

Of course, I'm not really too lost about it all. I'm not exactly new to it -- I attended last year, and took loads of pictures. I thought I might show you a few which display the kinds of things you will see there...

New and Vintage toys, model kits, comic books, music, posters, books...

Movie memorabilia...

Props and figures from film and TV...
Masks created by the best sculptors and casters in the industry...

The works of dozens of the world's greatest Hallowe'en artists...
 ... and custom made figures from some of the industry's greatest creators, like:
Mike Hill, and 
Casey Wong.  

I wonder if Casey's bringing this remarkable Forrest Ackerman piece for the Museum this year... I hope he is. 

And of course, I'm adding a little touch of the Skull & Pumpkin to this year's festivities.

I'll be taking you and the S&P with me, and will update with pictures and hopefully video, when it's later at night and the creatures are sleeping. That's a good time to talk Monsters...

Oh, and


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  1. Looks like you'll be heading into a great time. Maybe, if there is time, you can find an aloha shirt for Forry that matches Casey Wong's 4E. You guys will be the hit of the show.

    I wouldn't sweat lack of room in your baggage. If you find lots of stuff, there is always DEAD-EX!

    Knock them Dead!