Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uncle Forry on the Wide Webbed World.

(Excellent, atmospheric picture by Caleb Oglesby.)

He used to call it the "Wide Webbed World".

It was the name he gave to his own website.

He can still be found all over that World, even after his passing -- numerous interviews in audio, video and text; tributes and stories from friends and fans from across the globe; remembrances of his Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine; pictures of his Ackermansion collection, his Mini-mansion final years...

... and now, of course, in animatronic form.

If you were to search your favorite engine for Monsterpalooza 2010, Monsterpalooza Museum, Uncle Forry animatronic and similar terms, you would find some of what I have had sent to me by various friends over the last few days.

At Dread Central, they've posted a loving and insightful review of the entire convention (which describes the feeling and impact of this unique convention in terms with which I wholeheartedly agree). The 'Museum' video at the bottom of the page shows a good bit of Uncle Forry doing his thing at around the :25 mark.

A YouTube entity I only know as 'channelbron' has created an odd little music video of Uncle Forry that runs a bit over a minute. It feels like an ultra-light version of an Aphex Twin/Chris Cunningham video. Very cool.

Another YouTube offering is from Erck712 and his collection of pics from the convention. I believe the music is from Rob Zombie. Uncle Forry can be seen for a few moments at around the 1:51 mark.

I suppose there is probably some mention or image of our dear animatronic Ackermonster in any video or photo set from Monsterpalooza 2010, so I should just say go looking and you'll find something.

I fear this all seems self-serving and conceited, especially after requesting your pictures, stories, and thoughts in the last entry. I have received some very neat stuff so far, and it will all be offered and discussed here soon. 

But I love that Uncle 4E is still making the fans smile, even in death. 

Your pics and stories to come.


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