Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our second award!

Yes, dear S&Pers, it's been a long time since I've gotten in here to discuss, divulge, dissect, and d-rink with all of you, and I feel terrible about it but work and life are demanding right now and it's taken all the computer life out of me.

I don't like it, but there are far worse problems I could be suffering, so I'm not going to gripe any more about it.

And in fact, we have something to celebrate.

In addition to our Versatile Blogger award, the Skull & Pumpkin has just been awarded the iDigYourBlog Award, bestowed upon this humble house by the always wonderful Marsha from her always fabulous Ghoulie Girls blog!


Now, just like the Versatile Blogger award, there are a few rules attached to the honor which require a bit of exposition for me.

No problem.

Firstly, accept the award. This, of course, was simple.

Secondly, link back to the person who awarded you. This is also simple, since I've had Marsha's Ghoulie Girls blog on our 'Rest Of The Neighborhood' links list for a long time now, and just linked to it in this sentence and above the award image. Hell, I'll link to it again here. AND again here.
Just please go, will you? It's a truly worthy Hallowe'en blog run by a nutcase Autumn Person just like the rest of us.

Thirdly, write three interesting things about yourself.

Let's go weird on these:

1. I love old '50s and '60s stock music cues, the kind heard in old educational films, cartoons and lower budget features from the era, in animated fare like Gumby, and later cartoons like Ren & Stimpy and Spongebob Squarepants. I have several hours of such music on my MP3 players and listen to them like you listen to your Top 40 radio, latest podcast or archived jazz collection.

2. The transverse lines on both of my hands (heart and head lines in palmistry) are connected and straight across the entire hand, a rare condition known as a simian palmar crease, or simply the simian line, and it's especially rare to have it on both hands without the presence of a chromosomal disorder such as Down's syndrome, or a nervous disorder (not anxiety/depression, which I do endure once in a while, but things like peripheral neuropathy).

Not my hands, but the same thing.

3. I have been known to drink Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce straight from the bottle -- a friend and I used to each have a cap full while we were cooking with it. Strong, spicy, like a Bloody Mary without the blood or the booze. Or the Mary. It's melted anchovies, how can you not like it?

Fourthly, bestow the iDig Your Blog award on five more blogs you... well, you dig.

Now, like the Versatile Blogger award (which required fifteen blog choices!), I am going to simply say that I absolutely have sent the award to five very worthy blogs and they can talk about it and pass it on in their own time and manner. Some of them have been good friends of the S&P for a long time and are listed in that Rest Of The Neighborhood links list I mentioned previously.

I wish the iDig Your Blog award could look like this in real life:

That's something I could really dig.

I wish to thank Ghoulie Girl Marsha for her consideration of this little pub, and her kind comments about my writing, and most especially for simply being such an exemplary Autumn Person. You rock, Marsha!

Now we have two awards! SO cool!



  1. That first picture says it all. :) It seems that summer has kept most of us busy and away from our blogs. You've drunk Worcestershire Sauce out of the bottle? Wow. Well, that's one of the more interesting results I've seen for one of these blog awards!

  2. Grandma Sis had simian lines! And they totally matched her eyes. Congrats on other people loving you, too.

  3. Just as long as your not carrying the Worcestershire Sauce in a small metal flask in your purse;)

    I'd never heard of the simian lines, very interesting.
    Congrats on your blog award!