Monday, August 27, 2012

The Hallowe'en Tree, pt. 2

Welcome S&P-brains!

Hope you are all enjoying your late summer days and nights -- school is back in session for most every student in our twisted neck of the woods, and most vacations are now but a memory -- as Autumn breezes its way ever closer to our favorite time of year.

In preparing for The Greatest Night Of All The Year, I have been trying to gather and build, color and shine and polish and very little is finished. But I am enjoying the start of that time of year once again.

It's good to be back in the dungeon, in the lab, shaping and plotting.

And since this year's display will have a decidedly Bradburyan twist, I felt that our who-knows-what-will-actually-happen Hallowe'en Tree needed its real Caretaker...

... a certain Mr. Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud.

 Even without colored lighting, he looks pretty Moundshroudy...

He's not as spot-on cool as the mask of the cartoon version made long ago by Robert of Brandywine Cemetery (do yourselves a huge favor and read all about that awesomeness here via Shellhawk), but because he already did the cartoon version so perfectly, I thought I should whip up my own mix of that version and Joseph Mugnaini's original vision:

He's going to be a static (non-animatronic) fella, made of my usual things -- foam head, mache', Model Magic compound, hot glue, whatever else I have/find -- and come painting and finishing time he'll be a pale, sickly color, with some wispy hairs here and there, and an all black suit and cape that will look rather smart leaning against our Hallowe'en Tree.




Look out.



  1. It was actually Robert of Brandywine Cemetery who made that mask and received a thanks from Ray Bradbury, himself!

    I'd try my hand at mask-making, but Mr. ShellHawk would kill me for one more incredibly expensive endeavor!

  2. THANK you Shell, I don't how I missed the obvious. I have corrected the post. Boy, in my old age, I'll tell ya...

  3. Mr. Moundshroud looks amazing!
    can't wait to see him finished.