Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Making Hallowe'en... 2010!

So here it is... the first proper report from the lab for Hallowe'en 2010!

There is talk about combining my display with others for a big Hallowe'en Weekend shebang, but until I have real answers about that I'll have to simply say 'stay tuned'.

Yet for the moment, no themes have really come to me this year... not yet, at any rate.

But some time ago I had this dream where this mad scientist-kinda-lookin' thing was working on some crazy robotic nightmare on a table, a 'la Frankenstein... and I knew I wanted to have something from that dream in my display.

So here is the currently nameless Mad Doctor, thus far... click to enlarge, as they say:

He lights up nicely, too...

I am not sure if he will have a doctor's greens, or if he'll have a big shaggy head of steel-wool-ish 'hair'... I am leaning toward the latter.

A foam skull, hot glue, various wires, a demolished camera, and LEDs (and brass and paint and...) all add up to a very odd and unique character.

I took some video for you too, just to see how he looks in decent light...

So, who knows? With sparks flying and instruments clanging, he might be creating some real spooky fun this year!



  1. Well, this sounds realllly good. I will down for Halloween to enjoy it all. We are already discussing costumes.

    Boy am I excited.

    "V" (alias - Virginia)

  2. Hey now... there can only be one 'V' in my life, and that's V for Vonnetta... we'll have to try maybe... Gin? This IS a pub after all! :-)

  3. Looks fabulous! I vote for steel wool-ish hair.

  4. Oh my, that is sweet!!! I think he looks perfect without the hair!! Can it get any better??!!!! :)


  5. Way cool.

    Looks kinda like a Borg . . .

    Maybe he is named Bjorn?

    If this is a hint of things to come, its going to be an extra great Halloween.


  6. AAANNNNDDDD... you know we will be there for Halloween again this year! I think Heather is coming with her kids, too. Gotta be there for Leo's first Halloween (already bought him a pumpkin cap!). Anyway, plan for your nieces and nephews to be part of the whole shebang/hoopla/kerfuffle. WooHooo!