Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alone time.

But only for a moment.

See... this morning I listened to strangers recount their memories of a very dear and trusted old friend. 

This afternoon we laid him to rest.

This evening, we toasted his life and our own.

And while this is not a sad place, and I am not a sad person, I just wanted to mention, as I sit alone after cleaning up, something that is important and needs to be said sometimes.

Be happy.

Even in sorrow, be happy in the knowledge that it's only a passing thing, that it is gladsome and right that we will smile, laugh and love once again.

Cynicism is for the joyless. Realism is for dreamless cowards.

Find what you want to do and don't put it off, love that which you love, love whom you love. No reservations, no doubts, stop mucking around with it and do it, do it loudly, abundantly, expeditiously. 

Understand that there will never be enough time. Accept that you will never be able to fully express your deepest love to those you love best. 

There is no way to live forever or love perfectly... so just be happy.

Choose joy. It's a real, conscious, daily choice. 

Be happy.

Just a thought.
All of you make me very happy indeed.


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