Sunday, August 29, 2010

Making Hallowe'en pt. 2

Hey there loyal patrons! Long time no see.

Nah, don't get up.

I am happy to report that today, after a fairly busy week, I finally had a chance to get back to some Hallowe'en creationising -- you guessed it, that means more Poe-fixins.

In particular, Poeheads.

First up, I wanted to give the Red Death a little red eye:

Gloss enamels. A little red, a littler bit of yellow ochre. I think it makes him look much cooler, a little more alive (that's irony for you) and softens the impact of the unlidded eye (like you mentioned, Fester). 

Then, I realized I'd been neglecting to get started on one of the neatest images from that amazing dream I had back in July. 

Ladies and gents, I give you the sickly sister of one Roderick Usher... Miss Madeline:

Looks a bit like a sick Larraine Newman, right? Well, sicker.

I think she will be in a doorway, cerements of the grave in tatters around her, hair billowing upwards, arms out, hands damaged from clawing her way out of her tomb -- in stark, strobing black and white.

Might be very impactful.

I have to wait for the accessories that will eventually make her look like a her, but for now it's all in the painting and the drying.

Here I've washed in all my blacks and greys. I'll add whites and all highlights next.
Just you wait.
Oh, took this one picture and thought the skulls above her head were cool:

Oh, the horror!

Next step for Miss Madeline, whites and wig.

Next project... the Raven!

My animatronic figure Raven, not the poem.

That is yet another project -- a daring move for one Uncle Forry

Stay tuned.

Oh, and for some weird reason, today's crafting didn't require 



  1. Looking good! That slight reddening of his eyes gave Mr. Red Death just the right look. And Miss Madeline-she is already looking like she'll shock the socks off some folks. That elongated, sagging jaw line is great. That is one eerie-looking premature buriee. And you managed all of this without any Melty Beads? Mike, you are a true macabre genius!


    Meltybeads--any relation to Meltorme??

  2. WOW! That's all I can say, wait, absolutely beautiful work comes to mind also!

  3. Fanstic and looking very creepy. Definately getting excited for the season!! :)


  4. Fes- I think Mel Torme might have been *made* of Meltybeads.
    And shucks, thank you guys & girls. This ol' pub gets the coolest customers ever.
    Off to paint!