Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maxfield Scare-ish.

I had to show you this.

The haphazard gallery that is the wonderful artwork adorning the walls of the Skull & Pumpkin has grown by one today.

An incredible poster -- a belated birthday gift from my brother and his wife:

This brilliant piece was created by one Madame Talbot. Her amazing works and other odd, dark, gothicky things can be found by clicking her name.

A beaut. And much needed in this humid heat... Fall, save us!

Thanks so much, Cathcarts.



  1. This is beautiful! I may have to pay Madame Talbot a little visit.

  2. Yep. It really rocks, doesn't it? And holy %$^&* her website is full of some very cool things. Good stuff. And good to see you back among the unliving, Max!

  3. Man, that is seriously cool. It has a sort of sideshow/turn of the century spook-alley quality. But it is also so creepily happy. Gonna have to visit Madame Talbot myself.

    Nice to see Max is still around--I heard he had some hiatus trouble. Hope it cleared up without resorting to surgery.