Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You'd better watch out, infinity.

I hope you are all enjoying your week leading up to That Other Holiday.

For me, it means a nice long visit to the old family home in Southern California, where I've been since the 13th.

Not my Grandmother's house, but the house where my immediate family grew up, in the San Fernando Valley.

It's been wondrous. My sister and her husband and children still make the old house their home; being Hallowe'en people, they have plenty of year-round spookiness on display, even during Christmas.

I thought I'd just show a few examples of how Hallowe'en lives there all the year long. I took these pictures just yesterday... it really is like this in my family.

I'm not about to show off the whole house -- this one bedroom should give you an idea:

Talk about a little Hallowe'en in Christmas.

So cool.

Enjoy your Other Holiday, all of you. Feel free to stop by the ol' S&P all along. I may still be posting little things here and there, but of course, family beckons.


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