Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Post of Christmas Passed.

I need to just geek off for a second and become 'that guy'...

So... you see that Frankenstein mask?

Right. Well... A Christmas Story takes place in 1939-40.

And the first Frankenstein mask ever made, wasn't produced until 1948, when the legendary Don Post began his master monster mask-making career.

I love that Bob Clarke wanted that mask there (it's not a 1948 mask, of course, but a much later Post creation, hence this post being titled with Post) but come on... a little research, even in the early '80s, would have informed them of their utter folly.

At any rate, if I were Randy, I wouldn't be napping with a zeppelin. I'd be napping... wearing the mask!

DonDSPost !

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  1. The Frankenstein mask, right? Anyway, awesome Christmas- really wonderful... but man, am I glad it's over!
    Someone needs to research the reasons and effects of Christmas naps.