Monday, August 20, 2012

Memorable things.

Hello again, S&P-brains.

August is dwindling away; Fall is tapping Summer on the shoulder with a knowing, pumpkin grin.

And at the S&P, we are preparing.

Ideas are forming, and inspiration is coming from all sides.

One inspiration in particular has been surefire, surely fired... and Shellie fired!

Folks, meet the newest member of our menagerie miniature:

Yes, this little goblin gourd was made by the amazing Shellhawk -- I've mentioned her before, her 'Shellhawk's Nest' has been in the links to the right almost from day one -- and I couldn't be more pleased with the piece nor proud of the procurement.

He looks pretty with green -- hey!
What's that inside there...?
 Could it be...?

 It is!

I guess my little Mini-Boo found this Shellhawk sibling and had to get in
on the photo shoot.

This is truly a fine piece, and Shellhawk has a limited amount of her handmade, Raku-process-fired jacks and other goodies at her Etsy store, Shellhawk's Creations.

I highly recommend a visit. I also recommend a purchase because not only will you own a one-of-a-kind piece of artful wonderment, but whenever she sends something, there are always a few extra goodies:

Spooky booty!

Thanks again Shell, your craft is truly impressive.

Another memorable thing. I couldn't let a post go by without mentioning today's passing of an entertainment legend, comedy genius and feminist hero (whether she ever knew it or not)...

Phyllis Diller
1917  -- 2012

I enjoyed every single film, TV appearance, game show, panel, talk show, anything I saw or heard her do -- especially her turn as the iconic Rankin/Bass character The Monster's Mate in their madcap Mad Monster Party (1967).

 "The LAST time you had a ROVING eye, I KEPT it in a JAR
for a WEEK, a-HAH-HA-ha-ha-hahaha!"

In her honor, I've added to our jukebox Diller's song from that film, the bubbly waltz You're Different.

You certainly were, Phyllis. 

I'm afraid we may never see her likes again.

Then again I'm afraid we might... a-HAH-HA-ha-ha-hahaha!

 (Come on, she would've said it herself).

A toast to Shellhawk, to Phyllis, and to the honest-to-goodness beginning of our Hallowe'en season coming so very soon.



  1. I am so glad that you like your jack and that Mini-Boo has a ShellHawk friend to play with. (You should re-post that video of him from last year!)

    And I, too, am a fan of Phyllis. She was amazing!

    Thanks for posting us together! I am in rare air when someone puts my name and hers together in the same sentence!

  2. I'd say "my pleasure", but it's not really right because I'm sure we'd all rather Phyllis Diller was still around to enjoy.
    But I love that I now have TWO Shellhawk pieces to grace the haunted decor here at the ol' S&P.
    Thanks again, awesome artist lady!

  3. Great Piece from Shellhawk! Love the green light. :)
    I already miss Phyllis. :(

  4. Glad to see that you got a Shell raku pumpkin too. That reminds me I think I have a draft blog post I need to finish....something to do with the spider that was in the box she shipped me. Don't try to pretend you don't know what I am talking about :D

    Glad it got a good home!