Saturday, May 21, 2011

A spooky mailbox surprise!

Greetings S&P-brains!

A fantastic little bit of friendly gifting is a great way to resume posts for May, and today the Skull & Pumpkin was blessed with a piece of Hallowe'en coolness from loyal S&P'er and fine, fine artist/fellow blogger Shellhawk at Shellhawk's Nest!

Shell's a fantastic sculptor and makes amazing ceramic Hallowe'en goodies from her own twisted mind and capable hands (and clay and glaze and kilns and...). You've seen her around the S&P quite often, and we've mentioned her blog before.

At any rate this little bit of joy started last weekend when, as is my usual practice, I began reading her posts for the day, and happened to know the answer to a little quiz she popped on this post.


So the Lovely Vee and I go out of town for the week, and what comes to our door today upon our return?

A package containing this:

I've blurred the fun personal greeting she wrote just 'cause it's proper to do so, but look! Not one but two (2) awesome Hallowe'eny, trick-or-treaty pencils, the coolest Hallowe'en glitter/mylars you can find, a hand written note and the absolute coolest little handmade ghost I've ever had the pleasure to be spooked over!

Yes! Yes, yessity-yesowitz YES!

How cool is that li'l guy? Handmade by one of the best Hallowe'en artists around. All I did was answer a question and Shell sent all this out to me.

I had to introduce him to his new home and to place him immediately into the menagerie, but where...?

My first thought was to situate Li'l Mini-Boo (what, that's his name) among some other ceramic lovelies. And for a moment it looked alright, but it didn't feel quite right and then... oh! perfect!:

Of course! Among his fellow miniature ghosties, where he is still the mini-est Mini Ghost in the mini ghost collection! Even as the only one without hands, he's the hippest.

I'm not sure what they're singing, but they look to be winding up for the big finish. They just needed a fourth, and now they have him.

Ah... spooky joy, thy name is Li'l Mini-Boo.

Shellhawk, I thank you so much for making these fantastic little guys, and sending one to the Skull & Pumpkin!

He occupies a place of honor, where he can be enjoyed by all of us here at the S&P forever.

Yep. We're Hallowe'en folks.

Don't ever tell me Autumn People aren't the coolest bunch of friends in the world.



  1. Awww! He looks so happy!
    My pleasure to send him out to you. Thanks for posting about his arrival!

  2. He's quite happy, indeed. I swear they keep moving around slightly, as if they were rehearsing their next big barbershop tune! Oh one of these nights when they think we're all asleep I'm going to grab the NVcam and capture them rehearsing... hhmmmmm...