Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rest In Tranquility.

(photo may have been altered from original)

Neil Armstrong
1930 ---- 2012



  1. One of my earliest memories is of watching his walk on the moon. Never noticed the pumpkin bucket before though . . . or the mask . . . :O)

  2. They were official NASA gear. Y'know, for the Hallowe'en mission to find out if the witch really flies across the moon. ;-)

  3. Way back on July 20, 1969, I watched the Apollo 11 moon landing on the big black and white TV in my parent's living room. After seeing Eagle set down there was going to be a long delay before the astronauts stepped out on the surface. I went outside and stared at the moon thinking to myself, "Wow! There are people up there right now!"
    Ever since then, every time I look at the moon, I cannot help remembering there have been men standing up there.
    Thank you for your role in changing our world, Mr. Armstrong.