Saturday, March 17, 2012


Welcome, welcome, pubbies!

A fine Saint Patrick's Day to one and all.

Yes, our beloved Hallowe'en Pub is still a pub, and I'm still Scots-Irish, so we celebrate Saint Patrick's day right and proper!

I am still having difficulties with the hosting site for our radio and jukebox, but I have been able to get the radio updated with some St. Patrickey goodness for us...

First, The Wakeful Ghost, an episode of the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre first broadcast in March of 1975.

It is the odd tale of an American visiting relatives in Ireland who enlists the help of an ancestor's ghost (how Irish!) and the ghost's partner-in-misdeeds, a leprechaun (how IRISH!), to help him snag the woman of his dreams.

Then, a fun and freakish little story of an Irish lad who runs afoul of some very insistent Little People who charge him with a very ghoulish burden late one foggy night...

Tighe O Cathain (or Tadg O Cathan OR Tige O'Kane) & the Corpse is a creepy little drama first broadcast in 1982 on the excellent CBC series Nightfall. Worth every minute of listening, trust me.

Alas, I could not really edit the jukebox much, but I did add one piece, an excerpt from the late, great composer Paul Weston's 1974 suite Memories of Ireland. I call this movement Irish Origins -- I don't really know why.

Who knows how the Irish mind works?

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful St. Paddy's Day and Night, talking, loving, drinking, singing, eating, and remembering that Hallowe'en owes so much to Ireland.

I also want to wish my sister Julie a very happy birthday! May it be filled with fun and fortune!

A toast...

... and




  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, from a fellow Scotch-Irish person! :) Being Irish makes today just a little more fun. I feel the same about Halloween. Without the Irish, everyone would be missing out on some awesome holidays. I love that picture of how the Irish mind works!

  2. A belated Happy St Patrick's Day from castle Fester. Still have not got the hang of the Daylight Savings time shift-- must have set the calendar too far ahead.

    Slainte! DDSP! and O'Zombee! from the wilds of Spokanistan!