Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ghost of the Ghoul Goes West, pt. 8

Hello, hello one and all.

Things have been remarkably busy for your humble pubkeep lately, and will only continue to be busy for some time to come.

There are much worse problems to have, no doubt. I'd rather be busy than broke and bored any day (or long, long night).

One of the funnest busy-things I've been trying (trying!) to get finished is Mr. Edward Van Bone, of course.

I have finally been able to make some shoes and pants for him, so he's not just some floating half-thing on the stage.

I had originally made some shoe forms out of Model Magic -- I posted briefly about them here -- but when I left them out on my front porch to dry, they simply disappeared! I don't know if one of the neighborhood dogs or cats thought they were some sort of food or toy, or if they just walked off by themselves, but they were nowhere in sight.


Grab some insulating foam, razor blades, thin foam sheeting, gold wire and black paint and just make them:

I know, Skinny McSkinnyton. It's perfectly cartooned and crazy. 

So... I think I may actually be -- dare I say it? 

No, not just yet. I will say I am very, very close to being finished.




  1. He looks awesome. Love the overall shape and proportions.

  2. He looks absolutely dapper with his new shoes!

  3. Seems the original shoes disappeared for a reason, because these turned out great.

    I love the worn creases and wrinkles on them. Amazing how small details like that can add life to a prop.

  4. And you just whittled out a new pair of shoes . . .?

    Man, that is something!

    He looks great from head to toes. Wish I could meet him face to skull. Maybe someday . . .

  5. No I was just surfing spooky images on Google and an unrelated picture brought me to your blog. The blog peaked my interest and so I started browsing your pages and saw this post. We saw your fantastic creation at Monsterpalooza this year as we entered the special creations room. My husband and I are haunters and sell costumes. My husband makes pneumatic creations, so it is always awesome to come across people who share the same love for such things. Excellent job!

  6. Thank you Pumpkinshellz! I really appreciate the Haunter's Love coming my way, haha! I'd love to see your creations too, where might I do that?
    Glad you enjoyed Mr. Van Bone, and even more glad you've stumbled into the Skull & Pumpkin -- I hope you'll pop in for a little Hallowe'en libation now and then!