Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More genius from Jason Willis.

So... do you remember last year's amazing musical video treasure from Jason Willis? I posted it and gave my glowing review in November -- and I still watch it often. I hope you do too.


This year, just in time for the ol' All Hallow's, Jason has once again outdone himself with a stop-motion montage set to H-A- Double L- O, W- Double E - N Spells Hallowe'en, the first song on the popular 1969 album Halloween: Games, Songs & Stories by Wade Denning and Kay Lande (the story behind the album can be read in Jason's own words on his famous Scar Stuff blog).

This is a popular song -- if you search it on the ol' FaceTube you'll see lots of people using it for their own videos.

But THIS version tops them all. It was done entirely on an iPhone with the Hipstamatic application.

Do it up, Jason.

And just in case you didn't remember (or didn't want to click the earlier link to) his other amazing video, I'll post it again. It's so worth having twice at the ol' Skull & Pumpkin.

So fun.

So Hallowe'en.

And thank you again, Mr. Jason, for another bit of brilliance. Your drinks are on the house 'til New Year's!


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