Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making Hallowe'en, pt. 10.

Hello again S&Pers!

Listen, I don't want to take away from the utter coolness of Mr. Jack's yardhaunt in the previous post, please go look if you haven't yet. It rocks like a rock rocking in a rocking chair which is rocking on another rock.

But I wanted to give you a look at the Poefixins™ I worked on yesterday.

 First, I had to weather the stone, then affix the daguerrotype/frame.

My cousin Goob made this fantastically weighted, perfectly suited base for me. He did it in about 15 minutes, couldn't believe it. I then painted it up to look like some kind of stone -- granite, whatever. I painted all the cracks on too!

 Here are the parts, waiting to be assembled.

 And here is the (nearly) finished product. 

I may add QUOTH THE RAVEN over the top arch, and 1809 - 1849 on the riser just above NEVERMORE. The thing is, I like how stark and spare it is right now. We'll see.

By the time it's being displayed, though, I will be adding a half a bottle of cognac, some roses, and a candle. 

Poefixins™, you keep me happy.

Tonight we record audio for a pumpkin, two pirates and a raven. Programming begins tomorrow.

Inspired, tired and



  1. That is stunning! Really, a true work of art! I bow to your awesomeness!!


  2. I think I'd go for the stark look. Or at most, the dates.

    You've got the Raven--let him do the qouthin' Babaloo. (Sorry--a Quickdraw flashback there).

  3. Hey, I always heed the advice of Quickdraw McGraw... s'probably why I get conked in the head so often. Sorry, El Kabonged!

    Thanks for your kind comments. Means a lot coming from you guys.