Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just want to mention...

... that at this point no one has been able to figure out the Hallowe'en butterfly yet. Some of the greatest Hallowe'en minds of our age are stymied, baffled by the illogic of the All Hallow's Lepidoptera on display in the previous post.

In case you might have, in the throes of embafflement, forgotten what it really is:

All suggestions are welcome, all ideas entertained.

A butterfly. For Hallowe'en.




  1. Maybe it would work for a Grim Reaper costume. All hood and cloak and skeletal mask and hands; but instead of a sythe, it is holding a butterfly net filled with them.

  2. Hhhmmmm... interesting, Fes. Black butterflies as collected souls...

  3. Well, I was going for less profound and more inept. kind of like the Dilbert character Phil, Ruler of Heck. A fat guy wearing a devil suit carrying a large spoon instead of a pitchfork.
    But the butterflies as souls could work. The ancient Egyptians saw the soul(or ba) as a bird like creature with the face of the deceased. Pretty creepy, eh?

  4. Hahahahaha! Fester, you rock. You know your creepiness. MUCH respect for that!