Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey Frog Queen...

Hello gang!

Don't mind me -- continue with your drinks and chatter, I'm just displaying a picture for a certain Frog Queen.

Yesterday she posted some fun images on her wonderful and much-followed blog, Frog On The Pumpkin. 

They reminded me of one of the denizens of the grounds right here at our own S&P...

'Course, it's not pumpkin vines (those are some yards away beyond that tree), it's a nice little bed of Virginia Creeper. And he's still sporting what remains of the tattered rags he was wearing when he first arrived at our Hallowe'en door as an undead pirate.

But apparently, dear Frog Queen, brilliantly ill minds think alike!

Just a lark for Monday. As you were.



  1. That is just super cool! Here I was thinking I was being original.....I guess great ideas like that do make it around the universe. Thanks so much for sharing that. Just made my day!!


  2. MY pleasure! Your cool pics yesterday made me laugh with recognition... sick minds, as they say!
    I set him out there two Hallowe'ens ago, and just left him. I like the 'been there so long he's become part of the landscape' look. Can't WAIT to see how yours looks when pumpkins start growing in -- talk about skulls and pumpkins!!!

  3. That should give any trespassers a start!
    Especially in the evening after a few pints.

  4. If only it scared away the squirrels...

  5. A little yellow tape and you'd have CSI:S&P.