Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's that up there? (part one)


Every time you come to the S&P you are guaranteed at least three things:

1. Free snacks (in convenient digital form -- no mess for me, no weight gain for you -- it's perfect);

2. Good company, and

3. Something cool to see and/or hear.

Of course, the decor, the theme of the place is decidedly ghoulish, spooky, and just plain fun. We have appointed our little corner of Autumn with all manner of Hallowe'enish bric-a-brac.

I thought it might be fun to begin a little series of posts wherein one or two of the items adorning the S&P are highlighted. Highlit.



This time 'round, a little tchotchke by Department 56:

Released in 1999 and retired (makes it sound so important) in 2002, Treats For The Kids was gifted to me years ago, and I've loved it ever since.

Ostensibly, this is supposed to be a normal, human Dad and Mom dressed as our favorite classic monster couple, ready to go treating with their costumed kids, according to Dept. 56's official line for this set (#55016).

But I think this is wrong. I mean, look at them. If they're human, they've done an awfully thorough job of their make-up and she still had time to make caramel apples... plus, unless that's a mask, he's an ugly man. Ugly in a Moose Mason from Riverdale High kinda way. Can we seriously be expected to believe the obviously cute and sexy Bride next to him would have ever married such a man on purpose?

Besides, who'd be holding and eating a caramel apple if they were wearing a mask?

No, no... this is actually the real Frankenstein's Monster and his 'made-for-him' Bride giving treats to three neighborhood children. This I can accept.

The lucky trick-or-treaters are pret-ty darned cool, too:

I really love this pair. The robot is just awesome, with his little metal wire antennae and his very cool, shiny little jack o'lantern treat bucket. His eyes are a little far apart and flat under that robot box mask, though -- hhmmm, maybe he is the guy's son and they're human after all, just not very handsome -- no, no, I stick to my hypothesis. Robot Boy (Roboy?) is very cool.

His sister (I just know it is, somehow) is very fetching in her cat costume. Well, 'fetching' would be better suited to a dog costume (ba-dump-bump!) but she is very, very cute. If she wants to put her treats in a litter box it's her business. I won't harass her about it.

Their little friend, the youngest treater, seems a bit intimidated by the 'Steins, as he won't meet their gaze:

However, don't let his seeming insecurity fool you. Notice that he's the only one who thought to bring two candy conveyances, a pillowcase and a little black cauldron.

Yeah, Junior's the one to hang with, no question. He'll have double the treats and all the cavities; both make for good kid discussion.

In fact, regarding this kid's Hallowe'en partying instincts, his pillowcase says it all: I want my Mummy!

And everyone knows, the Mummy is the ultimate Hallowe'en partier!
Yessir, this set is a fun and valued, if tiny, part of the menagerie of miniature monstrosities on display here.

I'll have more to say about other curiosities in the future.

Until then...



  1. I LOVE this post, your descriptions fo the pieces are brilliant!! Thank you for sharing this, I always love visting your blog.


  2. Thank you for hopping by! I appreciate your kind words, really!