Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Picture # 321

Random Picture of Things That Made Me Me, #321:
Imagineering, Inc.'s Ugly Kit (KT-66).

I seem to recall receiving one of these on at least two different birthdays and one Christmas.

I know, best Christmas present ever, right? Well, close, but no. I believe I mentioned the Greatest Christmas Ever gifts in this post. However, this is right up there. I mean, c'mon. Ya got scars, green monster fangs and those too-awesome-for-kid-words bloodshot eyes!

Everything Imagineering Inc. ever made seemed to become a playtime constant in my young life.

By the by, I have forgotten who sent me this image, forgive me! If you're reading this, please remind me so I can credit you!

And of course, if someone out there has one of these kits they're not using at the moment... well, I've talked too long for this post to be all that 'random'.


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