Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just chow'yun the fat.

I've been so busy picking up some much-needed Winter work that I've been unable to put together any decently Hallowe'en-ish posts this week.

I hate that.

Turns out it may be another few days before I can get to it, which bugs me because I love hanging out here.


With the beautiful opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, I thought a brief but fun post would be this glimpse of an old, obscure set of ooky spooky trading cards:

Monster Olympics, UK, circa early '80s

It is a relatively rare and odd set... this first set only had 18 cards, and a second reportedly had some 50 cards, but neither set was officially released in the U.S. and not being a big card expert, I can't say much more than "COOL!" and "I would love to see a real Monster Olympics!"

I wonder what a battle between the Slimeball and the Creature From The Pit would be like...

Images and information were culled from the remarkable (and remarkably organized) Monster Wax site. Please go there, dig through memories upon memories.

At any rate, just a little Olympic sumthin' to tide you over.

Enjoy your Valenti -- actually, it's Chinese New Year.

Happy Year of the Tiger, everyone!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

That's Mandarin for Dumdumshrekpop!

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  1. Cool cards! And it is interesting that two, or if you stretch it, three are real people. King Tut and Ghengis Kahn for sure were real people. And Count Vlad. There was a real Vlad Tepes.

    I wonder why Tut and Ghengis made the cut. Or was the company running out of monsters and they needed a couple more to make a full sheet for the printer?

    Anyhoo, Gong Xi Fa Cai back at ya! Now, where can I find Mu Gu Gai Pan at this hour?