Monday, August 24, 2009


This afternoon I received a funny bit of Engrish from a friend (I don't suppose I need to explain what Engrish is, do I?):So now, giggling, I decided to look for some other Hallowe'engrish™ (2009 The Skull & Pumpkin).
There's not an awful lot, but the best of what I was able to find is here:
Actually, he is indeed lovely. Befool or aftool Hallowmas.
(P.S. I want this wallet badly!)

Pumpkin Latte with Brains? Yeah, you'd better take the kids to this show! And what's a Blend La La La?

Devil Candy! The candy is like a devil, filling me with new feelings.

It looks like they're gathering outside the party, but they do look awfully pleasant!

DUMDUMSHREKPOP is information to you.

Scare ya later-

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