Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another 40 years ago today...

High noon. August 12th 1969.

Wish I'd known you, Grandpa Bill.

A personal moment.

Hug your loved ones today. Think of good things. Not even necessarily happy things... just good, right things. Know it's all fleeting, and do it all anyway.



  1. The connection between the two is really wonderful and strangely perfect.
    Read an article about HM where they complained that "some people" spread loved ones ashes in the ride. Who would do that? They also said the cleaning crews vacuum them up. Yeah right. Gee, I hope not. At least not where we.... ahem.
    Anyway, yeah, 40 years. The essence of our childhoods in one fell swoop.

  2. August 12th. 12 midnight. 12 hours later, 12 noon.
    Lots of dozens.

  3. Peace to you, Mike.