Thursday, January 17, 2019




Where in Hell does the time go?

Oh, my dear S&P-brains. I sure hope you've had a wonderful holiday season, and are enjoying the beginning of a new year with health and happiness, and a good dose of Hallowe'en in the mix, every day and night, in some way or other.

I opened this little pub way back when to offer a little bit of that Hallowe'en fun into your daily, nightly mix... and though I obviously have not been offering anything these past few years but the rare 'hello I'm still alive' post, I always feel lucky to have had this little homely house of Hallowe'en happiness for all these years.

I do, still, very much want to get back into regular posting again one day. My life's ups and downs and rougher waters are still keeping me from doing that, but I never say never, and someday, I will return.

I do not expect anyone to simply wait patiently for whenever that may be... but I so deeply appreciate each and every one of you.

I sure hope and pray for a fantastically fun and freakingly frighteningly fabulous 2019 for all of you.

You will see some posts from me along the way in 2019, you can be sure.

Happy new year, all --



  1. You're loved and appreciated too, my friend!

    I, too have had life stuff, and I want to post more, but we'll get back to it when we can, right? Let's not add to our stress, but rather take joy in small things!