Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Hi-lowe'en, everyone.

I hope you're all having a fine, fine October, as we really get into the spooky, spectacular season of our favorite day and night of the year.

I have been truly enjoying it all, and in fact have discovered a little interest I'd never really considered I had until now...

Blow-mold plastic Hallowe'en lanterns.

That picture is not mine, it is a collection of reproduction pieces from an anonymous (as far as I can see) user on Halloweenforum. But it gives you the idea of what I'm getting at, here.

I only have a few pieces at the moment, and I honestly have no idea if I will get more or not, but I know me, and if something really jumps out at me, I will bring it home!

So far, these are my finds...

Again, this pic and the rest are all others' pictures, none of which I can credit because I can find no names. My camera's acting up so I can't show you mine just yet.

And yes, I know the winking, smiling fella here is not technically a 'lantern' but a treat bucket. I don't plan on getting into those so much, but his face is too cute and fun. I found him in a flea market in TX for $8, so it was a no brainer for me.

The main thing about this piece, however, is that it was the beginning of my now-burgeoning interest in such items.

I never knew I really dug these little guys!

My next find...

I saw this cute coupling of Hallowe'en icons for just over $5, and it was another no brainer. It's a common item like so many made by Empire in the '60s. 

The toothy smile, the spooked cat's expression, even the little pumpkin stem atop, give this piece a character I just loved the moment I saw it. 

It's been lighting my room 24/7 for months now.

And my most recent find... 
I love this one.

Also made by Empire in the early '60s, it is similar to the previous piece, but the addition of more Hallowe'en stalwarts like a grimacing skull and flying witches made it really stand out... and the top hat gives it a jaunty little twist.

At $7, this one was a bit more expensive than its Empire brother, but again, total no brainer.

I know these items are fairly common, and can be found with ridiculous ease on the world wide interwebs, but I find that trying to find them in little flea and thrift markets not only makes the hunt more rewarding and fun, but better yet keeps prices low. No need to buy a $3 lantern and spend $12 on shipping, you know?

The ones I am (currently) trying to find...

Come on... way too cool.

Oh, and all of these...

I wasn't aware of the Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster pieces' existence, so this image from another user on that Hallowe'en forum has me pretty excited to try and locate them.

But I think the dashing, caped, top-hatted skeleton is the best piece here, just look at him!

I know that not all of these pieces are terribly old or 'vintage', though the three I have are reliably not reproductions but actual items from the '60s. 

But I am not really concerned with 'vintage'-osityness anyway. If I like the look and feel of a piece, it's mine. Simple as that.

And this one, well, it means a lot to me and will be a very nice find when I finally run across it in some little knick-knack shop somewhere...

Of course I mean the bandit-masked fellow lit up, and not the slightly burn-victim-skin-graft-ish thing on the right.

Why is it so meaningful to me?


... there were two of these, one on either side of the front yard gate, lighting up the walkway there, every Hallowe'en night at my grandmother's house and our big family display/yard haunt.

I loved the bandit lanterns, because they signified the official start of the celebration there, at least to my mind. 

Not long after my grandmother passed away, I asked an aunt if these were still in a box somewhere, and a number of people went looking for them, but to no avail. Sadly, these two sun-bleached, brittle lanterns either died a flaky death or simply vanished along with the family Hallowe'en haunt.

To have another of these would be very gratifying, and would no doubt occupy a place of honor here at the S&P. 

Miss you Gram.

Miss your Hallowe'en love.

Still... onward! There are more pumpkins to find and rescue from mundane flea market shelves all around me... and I intend to find all of them.

Did I mention I am really enjoying my October Hallowe'en season?

Alright, say it with me now...



  1. There is a term, "Comfort Food" which applies to all those greasy, high calorie, fat and carbohydrate-filled things we ate as kids. I try to eat sensibly, but every so often, I've got to get my fix of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

    That urging usually happens this time of year--maybe because the stuff is almost Halloween orange.

    I see blow-mold trick-or-treat buckets, decorations and lamps as the visual equivalent. It is the stuff many of us grew up with.

    When I looked at the pictures you put up, suddenly, in the back of my mind, it is Woolworth's Five and Dime 1965. And hanging over the penny candy-- wax Nik-L-Nips bottles, candy necklaces, Atomic Fireballs, Lemonheads and Necco Wafers-- are strings of almost florescent-orange blow molded trick-or-treat jack-o-lanterns.

    Yep! Its Halloween again! Gotta check out the Ben Cooper and Collegeville costumes! And plastic fangs! Rubber bats! Bags of spider webs!

    But its now 2015.
    Woolworth's is gone--just a ghost in the cobwebs in my head.

    Its just as well--Collegeville didn't make costumes big enough for people who are 10 years old inside and 60 years old outside.

    I'm content with the happy memories. (and a handful of candy corn)


  2. The one that has been lighting your room with the jack-o-lantern and cat was a piece that my family had growing up. I think it's long gone, but I'll have to ask my mother. I always loved it so much. Thanks for the memory! How had I forgotten?

  3. Absotively love it. I need to take some time to recollect the Halloween's of my earliest years.

  4. Is this the one you're looking for?

  5. Hoping you and yours had a great Halloween.