Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ghost of the Ghoul Goes West, pt. 13

Welcome, S&Pers, welcome!

Sorry for the dearth of posts from Monsterpalooza but I'm fairly certain I've been sleepwalking through much of the last 36 hours or so.

I am also fairly certain my legs have lost their bones. Wobbliness is next to Godliness, right?

So, after spending one more night with the life-saving duo of Henchman Henner and Mischievous Miranda that rapidly became a Post 'Palooza Pizza Party (so, so good!), I am convalescing at my folks' place, drinking plenty of fluids and trying to organize my photos of the monstery weekend.

I'm not sure where to start, but this might be about right:

Here's a bit of ol' Eddie Van B. as he looked Sunday morning. His replacement jaw servo worked like a champ, and his left hand, while still bereft of the graceful life it once had, has a bit of wrist movement again thanks to a coffee stirrer and gaff tape.

I... LOVE... gaff tape, by the way. Thought you'd want to know that.

I also love the friends I really only get to see one weekend out of the year. Monsterpalooza, for many of us who've attended from the beginning, is a spooky family reunion of Hallowe'en Monster Kids who still love the things that go bump in the night.

I am so happy I got to once again enjoy the company of so many fine people...

 Cindy and Perry Shields (and their daughter Kimmy) are hands down some of the
finest people I've ever known. They are all real theatre people -- acting, singing, writing, playing, the whole
shebang. All of 'em. And one couldn't ask for more sincere and loving friends. Such a pleasure
to know you guys.

Two of the finest artists I've the pleasure to know (and both awesome people): 
Kerry Gammell (L) and Bob Lizarraga.

My monster brother, actor Daniel Roebuck (L) and The Mask Doctor, artist Kelly Mann, whose 
thoughts on life and art are a rare treasure.

What do you say about pure kindness and good humor? You say
my friend, comics publisher and writer Sam Park.

A fine person and fun friend, with whom I didn't get nearly as much hang time
as I'd wished -- artist John Ulakovic. Dinner and drinks next time, on me.

Two more brilliant monster makers with whom I'd have liked to spend more time:
Casey Wong (L) and Darren Roberts. Some of the coolest, nicest guys in the

'Elder' Robert "Bobbo" Taylor -- yes, his awesomeness has earned him all
those names (Bobbo from Uncle Forry himself)! He's an historian, 
collector and dear, funny gentleman all in one.

Ron and Margaret Borst of Hollywood Movie Posters (seated at the organ); artist and puppeteer Bill Diamond (L) and make up/figural artist Cortlandt Hull, all pose for me in the Witch's Dungeon room.
Such kind, generous and welcoming people, all.

 L to R: Ron Chaney; his daughter Jaclynn; the sweet, beautiful and very awesome 
Grace (daughter of Daniel) Roebuck; Ron's daughter Jennifer; and actor/producer Chuck Williams.
The Chaneys are just plain fun people, warm and welcoming and I look
forward to seeing them every year. Chuck on the other hand... is really a
wonderful guy and very funny. A real bud!

Neither last nor least, the two without whom I cannot succeed at Monsterpalooza
(and apparently for whom I cannot ever take an unblurry picture!), Henchman Henner
and Mischievous Miranda. They did so much for me, and for Edward Van Bone, even while 
having to take care of their own daily ups and downs... 
well, I simply can't thank them enough. Pretty much ever.

As I wrote previously, Monsterpalooza is a family reunion for me, first and foremost. I cherish my fleeting moments with each of these people and many others, like Eliot Brodsky and his family who put this whole mad thing together every year, and artists like Brian Johnston, Jesse Gee, Don Lanning, Daniel Horne, Mike Hill, and so many others. 

I can have bad moments, I can gripe about servos and shipping and overpacked showrooms... but these friends, these Autumn People, are really why I keep doing this. I can be working on a raven's eyebrows and think Bob Lizarraga's going to like his style, or tousle the hair on Edward Van Bone thinking that Sam Park's going to giggle at how wacky it looks.

I love making monsters for any reason, you all know that.

But I labor much longer over my Monsterpalooza pieces because I enjoy their creations and camaraderie so much that I want them to enjoy themselves when they see my works.

And I honestly love each of them.

Pics of some cool, cool, monstery goodness to come. 

For now, a little more sleep.


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  1. Nice photos Mike! Great to see you at
    Monster pal-OOZE-a. Your work was fantastic as always!