Saturday, February 4, 2012

Game day.

It's not shaped like a foot.

It's not even shaped like a ball.

But it's loads of fun.

Being a pub, the S&P always has a place for those Autumn folks who enjoy the Autumn tradition of American football, even if we don't really make too much noise about it.

We don't allow arguments about teams, yelling at the old Predicta above the bar, or any wagering on it, of course.

But The Big Game is afoot, as Sherlock Holmes would say... or would've said if he'd been into football.

The team buses have arrived...

The players are getting in the zone...

The cheerleaders are warming up the fans...

"Gimme a Z..."


Everyone on the field is ready for action...

"Dude! I'm open!"

No matter your team, or who wins, or if you really even care, I hope you all enjoy your Game Day. 

We'll be watching and laughing and enjoying ourselves all Day.

And Night.

And Dawn.


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