Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ghost of the Ghoul Goes West, pt. 3


Actually, this was going to be a Ghost of the Ghoul Goes West post, but as I was getting video of the progress on this animatronic hand (over which I'd been sweating and slaving ALL FREAKING DAY), something horrible happened.

It's time to explain something about electronic things.

See, electronic things operate on magic smoke. There is magic smoke running through all those wires like water in your plumbing. Magic smoke is what moves and pushes and converts and pulls and makes things work.

And if you somehow let the magic smoke out --

 -- it won't work anymore.

And so, somehow, even though I checked everything many times, I somehow released the magic smoke from one of my digital servos.


... no finger motion, and very little wrist motion.

I mean, it's not like I was finished with the project, but after all the work I did all day, it's frustrating.

It would've been a good post too.

Oh well. Back to the ol' drawing board.



  1. Man, that is frustrating!

    And it's the reason I make things look pretty, but I can't make them go! More power to you for trying!

  2. Ah, ya just keep going, until you decide it will become something that works, or you start drinking heavily.

    Sometimes both.

  3. Smoked servos. Do they go good with Bagels and a schmear?

    Magic smoke running around inside? You learn something new every day. I thought there were little man inside making things work. Kind of like the little men in my e-reader typing out the books as I read them.

    Anyway, that servo is toast.

    Mmm Toast . . .

    Jelly . . .