Friday, January 13, 2012

(C)old tubes.

A quick word from our sponsor:

Yes, pubgoers, our Hallowe'enith console radio receives only the creepiest, kookiest, spookiest old shows and tales still flying through the ether, for our listening enjoyment here at the Skull & Pumpkin.

This time around, the ol' radio playlist (to your left) offers two chilling tales from years gone by, both steeped in cold, wintry terror, both from the radio dens of the Great White North.

First up, from the short-lived 1955 CBC radio series Theatre 10:30 comes The Wendigo -- taken from Algernon Blackwood's terrifying short story about a native American nightmare creature. The audio is a bit rough here -- some swishing and swooshing -- but it's complete and present and worth the 25 minute ride to hear the horror of the snowy beast...

source unknown, but very Grither-like...

Then, we move forward a few decades but stay in Canada for another horror tale, this time from one of the CBC's most revered and remembered radio shows from the early '80s, the fabulous horror anthology series Nightfall!

The 1982 episode Wind Chill tells the tale of a cabin, a blizzard, and unexpected company -- a chilling ghost story for a windy winter night.

Cold, creepy listening  for us all.

Grab a hot drink, I'll put on another log, and we can spend an hour forgetting the weather and enjoying the ol' Hallowe'enith radio.


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