Monday, December 26, 2011



Welcome, welcome.

I hope you are all enjoying your respective Christmas gatherings and goings-on, and I am happy to see you visiting this humble place during the holidays. It's why we're here, you know -- a gathering place to share and enjoy the company of like-minded, good-hearted Autumn Folk at all times of the year.

My family has been sharing a wonderful few days of holiday cheer, and I can tell you we now are all a little looney from a long weekend full of sugary treats and drinks and indulgent dishes and salty snacks and naps and late nights full of laughter and remembrance of Christmases gone by.

Just as it ought to be.

I want to share just a few more bits of Christmas, S&P-style.

Here is our very orange Hallowe'en treetopper, a gift to the lovely V and me from my dear mother.

It actually resides year-round on our mantle, but I am always so happy to see it on our little black tree where it truly belongs for a few weeks a year. Thanks again, Mama.

Now, any Autumn Person worth the epithet expects their holiday gifts to be a little horrific or Hallowe'enly, right? I know you all get it.


 A first class skull. Who doesn't wish for at least one skull for Christmas?

 And so, I got two!

 And three!

 Not Hallowe'enly, but definitely horrific. 
My oldest crush and favorite hero on Blu-ray -- along with my very first Blu-ray DVD player!

Not even remotely scary or Hallowe'enly, but another gift of Sigourney Weaver 
is always worth bragging over.
Besides, it's a great film you should all see.

I hope you all gave and got at least one great, fine, heartfelt gift, whatever it may be.

You are each a fine gift to me.

Merriest of Christmases to you all. 


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