Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey, everyone, sorry for being absent lately.

So much life has been happening and I have a lot of things to do, and I've really missed the old place, and all of you.

I hope to get back to a little more regular posting soon but I did wish to pass along this incredible image, so perfect for all of us here...

I cannot find an artist's name nor the background of this piece, so if anyone can help me find that information I'd be eternally grateful -- not only to credit the source but to be able to contact the artist and pick his or her mind about this remarkable work!

UPDATE 6/17: Loyal S&Per 'Anonymous' (there are many of them!) informs me that this is the work of one Radojavor on DeviantART. The piece is called Pumpkins (of course!) and can be seen at Radojavor's DeviantART page along with his other incredible work. This one was done in Photoshop on a Wacomm tablet. Radojavor, you absolutely KILL it when it comes to Autumn scenery. Every one of our patrons needs to go see his stuff now!

But the instant I saw it I knew I had to procure a print to adorn the walls of the S&P.

Just look at it fertheluva All Hallow's! A magnificent piece.

It's us, isn't it? A symbolical adoration of the fiery spirit at the core of our Hallowe'en Lovin' lifestyle, right?

We kneel, bow, praise and delight in the Great Pumpkin, the Giant Scarecrow, the grinning, glowing, gigantic jack o'lantern at the very heart of our collective worship of Hallowe'en... because all of it is what we create and celebrate and carry on for ourselves, our families and friends, our children and grandchildren.

Here's to Radojavor's work of obvious love and talent, and to the true fire of we Autumn People, and to doing all we can to keep it alive for generations to come.

Here's to our Hallowe'en spirit.



  1. You are right that is a great photo - and a poetic and perfect description. Thanks for sharing.


  2. The print is "Pumpkins" by Radojavor. Found it at Deviant Art. I have "Trick or Treat"; I adore them both.

  3. THANK YOU, oh anonymous one! I will amend the post with all the right stuff. MUCH appreciated!

    Free drinks for Anonymous until July!