Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts...

... they will definitely follow you home -- and anywhere else you go!

Okay, a little closer...


Yes, S&Pers, your humble pubkeep has some grim-grinnin' to go with his rollin' and ridin'.
Today I got my ol' Jeep repaired, inspected, tagged and cleaned (well, I did all the cleaning!) after some months of delays.

Now, I really and truly despise the run-around of making a car legal so this time I made sure to tag it for two years -- and when I put the new tag on the plate:

... this image popped into my head:

... which is of course a prime detail of this iconic piece:

... and I then suddenly remembered that some years ago I had purchased some very ghoul auto decals for just such an occasion.
Aren't these nice?

There are a few more, but you get the idea.

So I took the smallest set (for now -- the Jeep needs a real paint job!) of Hitchhiking Ghosts and voila'!

We can thank the MO Dept of Revenue and that Green 13 (and Mssrs Davis & Coates et al) for the inspiration.

And I thank the person who made/sold these, who apparently wishes to keep a low profile. No problem.

And a big S&P welcome to all the cool members of MiceChat dot com (it's the happiest place in cyberspace, you know) for stopping by to view my Hitchhiking Jeep. Like the stickers, I hope you can stick around for more silliness!


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  1. WANT!! You have the coolest stuff.....on the planet. :D

    Thanks for sharing your part of the world....makes my day!