Monday, October 5, 2015

Starting down the winding road.

It is so very, very Autumn, here at the S&P.

I have been out and about, exploring the byways and darker lanes of Autumn's woodlands and forests and villages.

At one point I even got some time to enjoy a little snack...

Don't worry about the ghoul behind me -- he only wanted some pudding.

So far, I am seeing some mighty fine Hallowe'enin' goin' on, and if/when I get some good camera time, I will be happy to bring some pictures here, we can pass them around. It'll be just like old times, here at the pub.

It's interesting how I can see, in better detail and greater appreciation, so much more of the seasonal celebrating and decorating than I used to notice, all around my neck of the woods, now that I have my October free to explore it all.

I am realizing that -- I guess -- I used to be pretty understandably but quite narrowly focused on the tasks at hand and wholly missed quite a few darker corners of spooky goodness all around me.

Being able to finally see others' decorations and ideas, some brand new to me, others a wonderful and much needed re-connection, has been a great gift to me already. And we still have the whole month to go!

As I knew and hoped it would... it all gets me thinking of my own creations, and inspires me to newer and better Hallowe'en madness.

I have to say as well that having support and comments from you dear S&Pbrains is another great gift, humbling and gratifying for this ol' run-down pubkeep. I truly appreciate you all.

Next post, I am thinking along the lines of... hhmmmm... OH! Oh yes, that will be PERfect... mmmmuuaaAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

 Ain't October the very best?

Wishing all of you a fantastically frightening fun-filled Fall!



  1. We're off to a great start to the Halloween season here in Spokanistan. Mrs Fester and I dropped by our favorite old-time burger joint, Ron's (since 1958) and while we were munching on lunch, over the music speakers came the lovely sound of Zacherly-- The Cool Ghoul-- singing "Coolest Little Monster." All part of a cosmic unconciousness. . .
    Heck Yeah! Halloween is coming!

  2. AAHH I love that tale! Cosmic unconsciousness indeed. Or subconsciousness. Or unsub-consciousness, if you watch Criminal Minds.

  3. Now that you're checking out the competition (heh) are you discovering many other home haunters in your area?

  4. So far, none in my surrounding neighborhood(s), other than the one my cousin's done for a lonnnnng time, which I love -- we often have a little shuttle van we deck out for Hallowe'en to run people between our houses a few blocks apart, all night long. She does a great job and throws a mean party.