Monday, November 5, 2012

The Hallowe'en Tree, pt.6

Good day to you, loyal S&P-brains!

I imagine you are all quite full of Hallowe'en and are ready for a brief stretch of holiday-free weeks before the end of the year madness overtakes us all.

I certainly could use it.

But I did want to show off some of our fantastic fright night scenes from last week.

It was a beautiful night, the weather was perfectly Hallowe'en. Not too cold, not too warm, no rain, slight breeze, cloudy skies with a nearly full moon. Just beautiful.

First to enjoy the weather and the night's festivities, our animatronic graveyard group.

Capt. Lantern, Ficketts, Nevermore the Raven, and
the Lean Bros. & Ghoul swing quartet.

Some tombstone detail. We sure lost some greats this past year.

Our kid-friendly Boo Corner, showing Mad Monster Party (along
with The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Legend of Sleepy
Hollow, It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and other
Hallowe'en specials all night long).

But the real attraction for just about everyone who visited that night had to be our amazing
Hallowe'en Tree.

It really turned out to be something special...

Almost 100 pumpkins, carved and sent from family and friends all over the country, to honor the passing of Ray Bradbury, and celebrate our love for All Hallow's Eve.

Just stunning.

At the base of the Tree was our longtime 'host' of the haunt, the Great Pumpkin.

And just around the tree trunk from him stood the brooding, ancient and wickedly wise ol' being, Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud.

I'd like to think ol' Ray would've loved it.

Just above and beyond our Tree, in a dormer window, floated one of many wandering revenants...

... and in the same window, not long after, could be found our little black kitty, Hallowe'en herself, watching our goofy goings-on in the yard below.

Yes, she's wearing a little orange/black jester's collar.
No, she's not summoning Satan.
As far as I know.

The next day, I had to get a good sunshine shot of our Hallowe'en Tree.

Just beautiful.

Hallowe'en 2012 is in the history books, and I had a fabulous week.

I hope each of you enjoyed your Hallowe'en.

Still cleaning up...



  1. Thats brilliant! Wish I could have wandered through that. Terrific work.

  2. The tree looks amazing. I am sure you charmed many a trick or treater with your vision!

  3. Looks like it was a wonderful night! The tree looks beautiful. A fitting tribute :O)

  4. Fright Night. Fer Real. :) Wish we had been there...

  5. These images of your "Halloween Tree" brought a much needed "Smile" to my face....
    Great pic of the cat....
    Tombstones were also pretty cool ... "Mayburied"