Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Hallowe'en Tree, pt. 3

Happy Almost-Autumn, or, as I have never called it until now, 'Falmost.'

Work is always calling at this time of year, and even if I always state my belief that there are far worse problems to have than lots of work, it does make the free moments to enjoy Fall that much more rare and special.

And as for making Hallowe'en, it takes its toll.

But I will not be stopped.

Just a few things this time around, but important progress.

First, Mr. Moundshroud has found some color and detail...

"He looks like the 'Salem's Lot vampi-*SLAP!* No he doesn't.

He needs to find some pupils.

I think. I don't know. What do you think? Does he need pupils?

Also, guess what?

The pumpkins are beginning to arrive...

 Thank you Paul, Gianna, Todd, Devin, Aidan and all the others here and on their way.

I sure hope we can make something that will live up to our vision.

And with a little Hallowe'en magic I'm sure we all can.

More to come.



  1. Looks like things are coming together. And no, I don't think he needs pupils. :O)

  2. Mr. Moundshroud is outstanding! What is he made from? Yes, I think he could use some pupils. Little black pupils peering to the side...

  3. Hallowe'en Spirit, you may be right (it's a tough decision for me)! I might just give his eyes a few coats of clear gloss and let him be. But then again, if I was to add pupils, I had thought exactly as Justine does -- looking off to one side, sort of disdainful but observing... hmmmm...

  4. Oh and PS Justine, he is made from Crayola Model Magic sculpted over a foam wig head (hence the cranium that is always a little too small, but I like my figures out of proportion and somewhat cartoony). I use acrylic paints in layers for the details.

  5. He is amazing - but coming from you that is no suprise. I think he is great without pupils....and for the record the old Salem's Lot movie scared me. So, that is a good thing.

    Missed you in the blog world. Glad to be back.