Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lizarraga, you magnificent bastard!

Hello dear S&Pers!

I'm glad you're all here tonight, because I need you to help this spooky little place celebrate something utterly unimportant and therefore completely praiseworthy.

The Skull & Pumpkin has just received its -- are your ready for this?


Yes dear Autumn Friends, just this evening was posted on the door of this fine old pub a parchment scrawled with commentary from a loyal S&P-brain, for what is now the thousandth time since our doors were first opened to S&P-brains.

1,000 thoughts, questions, answers, laughs, sympathies, tears, jokes, well-wishes and words of encouragement, all from you wonderful pubgoers who frequent this tiny tavern of terror.

And just who had the good fortune of being Commentor #1000?

This is the best part for me.

My friend, longtime loyal S&P-brain, and uniquely incredible artist of what he calls 'Kreepy Swank', the great Bob Lizarraga!

The kreepswank way to start your day!

I've posted about Bob before. In fact, the 5th post to this blog, way back in June 2009, was of Bob's print Halloween Fever Dream, which captures so perfectly my own sense of All Hallow's Cool...

Bob was also interviewed by Allie MacKay during the first Monsterpalooza/KTLA TV5 early morning segments of 2011 -- he drew a zombified Allie as she interviewed him. One of the great monstery joys of my life is that I got to be a part of making that happen.

I just wish I'd had a better camera.

I am very proud to say that I have three Lizarraga prints on display here at the S&P, including a great Werewolf of London sketch that was a gift from Bob, and another gift he just gave me at Monsterpalooza this year -- a signed copy of Famous Monsters #259, which features his cover art tribute to the freaks of The Twilight Zone...

Had to lift this from Bob's amazing art blog. I hope he won't mind!

What he wrote is not what's important -- you can read it at the bottom of this post here, or on the PubTalk scroll to your left -- or even that he wrote it, and sent it, and now the S&P has one thousand of 'em.

The truly important thing is, you ALL need to click the highlighted links of Bob's name and blog I've provided in this post (and which have been in the Rest of the Neighborhood links area to your right since the very beginning of this blog), and see for yourselves, if you haven't yet, the wonders he creates.

Thank you for the Big One Gee Comment, my man.

Of course you don't really win anything for it, other than my gratitude, but you've always had that.

But thanks for the amazing art.

And thank you for your friendship.

Everyone, a toast to Bob Lizarraga... raise 'em high now --


Spook on --

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  1. Wow Mike! I'm so honored to be the 1000th poster at the S&P! Your fangtastic bog, I mean blog, is always a treat to visit-- may you have many more wild ideas and posts to fuel the S&P madness! Thanks for the shout outs as well---

    Friend Bob (AKA Big One Gee)