Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Old tubes, vacation edition.

Well, it looks like there are some rather sinister little things crawling around in there...

Not that they're unwelcome at the S&P, of course. I just hadn't seen them before when cleaning. Perhaps, like so many in August, they're just visiting.


Every month when I change up the jukebox, I hear odd little electrical crackles and whines coming from the old Hallowe'enith console radio, and I know that we'll soon have a few new items for our spooky listening pleasure.

Sure enough, there are two new old shows there for our listening delight, each having as its starting point a traveler, and vacationer, a person or people who have set off for an adventure, and get one they didn't at all expect.

First up, a family rents a creepy old house and for some reason won't believe the tales and warnings the old caretaker offers in The Organ, another beauty from the legendary Lights Out! program, originally broadcast in the summer of 1943.

Then, a strange visit to a strange friend on a strange island -- from August of 1942 and the Dark Fantasy series comes W Is For Werewolf.

Two delightful little trips about two delightful little trips.

Grab your favorite repast, and refreshment, settle into your favorite nook and listen for an hour.

You've only got a month or so, then they change again. But I hope those little creeps will stay in the radio. Goodness knows they're very welcome to live here.



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