Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A (picture heavy) reminder...

... of why I love what I love, and the things that contributed to my Hallowe'enishness, to the grooming of yours truly into a bona fide, living-dyed in the wool Autumn Person.

You might share some of these memories with me.

This isn't everything that influenced me -- that may have to come in another post -- but they sure began the long, wonderful road.

An L.A. Dodgers AM Radio from the '70s?

Yep. It features near the end of a remarkable Hallowe'en story from my very young days; a Hallowe'en in my seventh year that I nearly missed, and yet... well, I think I've found a good tale for another post.

Until then, enjoy your long Winter's nap, each of you. A warming round on the house.


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