Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Better late than never.

I thought I heard the doors rattling... glad you're here! I'm trying a little experiment.

See, I have been trying for a month now to somehow post a slideshow of an old book, but a slideshow that you, the viewer, can control on your own, and which (being a book) would be readable, legible, given the size of the post area on the average blog.

The book? Oh, it's that great '70s handbook for Monster Kids, Movie Monsters!
Published by (who else?) Scholastic Books in 1975,  it was the brainchild of one Alan Ormsby -- writer/actor (Deathdream, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things), and Monster Kid extraordinaire. Ray Prohaska did all the fabulous and long-studied illustrations.

Alan Ormsby, by the by, also concocted the terrifying master-of-disguise puppet toy Hugo: Man Of A Thousand Faces:

For this act alone, Mr. Ormsby is worthy of many, many salaams.

The book was a staple for Hallowe'en and Horror Lovin' Kids in the '70s, and contains great images and short histories of the most famous of the Famous Monsters...


 ... an invaluable section on making your own incredible Monster Make-Ups...


 ... not just for the Guys but the Ladies, too...

 ... and even a short stage play to produce in your own livingroom, auditorium, or uncle's barn you can turn into a theatre...


There are also some very fun effects tricks in this playlet which are explained afterward...

This was a classic, inspiring book for young October Folk like me. 

So now, this slideshow thing... see, I have a nice but somewhat brittle copy of this book, which was a gift from a buddy, too... and I really didn't want to press it into a scanner, so I took pictures instead. Tripod, bright enough light, they came out quite fine (for not being scanned). 

The thing is I now have the entire book viewable, readable, on my hard drive. 

Others have written about this book, and I really can't add anything new to the praise; I just thought being able to have the whole long-out-of-print book available online somewhere would be really nice for Monster Kids and Hallowe'en Lovers (the make-up ideas are still very relevant and eminently usable with success for your own kids!)...

So go here to see a slideshow I've made of the entire book. Each page break can be paused, and enlarged, for perusing at your leisure -- hopefully I have the pages in the right order. Also, the slideshow should be public, and you should have no password prompt to view it.

Ah, I hope this works. But whether it does or doesn't, please inform me.  I don't like to experiment too often. Well, not on loyal guests, at any rate...

... that thing on the slab down in the basement is another story.



  1. I too love that book (I treasure my own copy that I have had since childhood) - thanks for your hard work to make it avaliable to everyone.


  2. Well done!
    That is a great addition to digital monster kid-dom.

    Hugo? That's Mister Mondo from the "Pee Wee Herman Show," Paul Reubens' rather adult kid show stage production!

  3. "Joan? Joooaaaann? JOAN!"

    Mr. Mondo rules.

  4. dam i loved that book where can i find a copy for my little girl

  5. I would say try used book stores online such as Alibris, or failing that, there's always eBay. It shouldn't be a terribly rare or expensive title.
    And I applaud your desire to help your little girl get into the monsters like we did growing up! This world needs more parents like you!