Monday, May 14, 2012

Boo Haiku.


Come on, S&P'ers! Don't make me do this all by myself -- 'cause I totally will! I know you can come up with something just right for your Hallowe'en Haiku!


Hello S&P-brains!

It feels like a month since I last visited -- so sorry about that but I have sure been busy with stupid and useless things like work and family and so on.

This ol' place has been on my mind a lot though, especially the last few nights, and for some reason (do I ever need one?) I began writing haiku.

Hallowe'en haiku, to be more precise.

You know the deal -- three lines, first with five syllables, the middle with seven, and the last back to five, with the entirety describing a truth or an essence of the subject.

In this case, they are about some of the spooky essentials of our favorite night of the year.

I spent a few minutes finding images to go with each haiku, then realized haiku is supposed to form an image in the reader's mind... so this one will be pictureless.

Use your mind's eye, and your Autumn Heart, and see if these don't paint a Hallowe'enish picture for you...

Old sides and shingles,
Windows stare, dark and vacant
Like a burned out skull.

A broom by her side,
Bubbling up old magic
The wise-woman laughs.

Black, furry and sleek;
Green eyes regard me vaguely --
Bad luck is purring.

A white bony grin;
Whether evil or friendly
The smile is the same.

A sheet moans and glides,
Floating, falling, flying free,
Forever haunting...

Round, full and orange;
Carven face glows yellow light --
All Hallow's true soul.

I haven't done spiders, bats, scarecrows, and many other All Hallow's basics yet, so I think maybe some of YOU should compose and send me YOUR OWN!

You can leave them in the comments here, and I will gladly post any and all that come my way (provided they are correct 5x7x5 haiku)!

Then we can display all of them together in our little public house, proud of our creative love for Autumn's darkest evening.

So... what say you?

HAIKU, that's what!

Start writing...



  1. Painted the perfect picture! Well...spoken? Maybe well read. Either way, Thank you for the thoughts.
    The perfect push to continue with my Halloween designs!

  2. Thanks Ron, always honored and happy to inspire Hallowe'en creations! Be sure to let us in on what you're making and how it's all coming along!